Nicol and Misal red stockings

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Nicol and Misal red stockings

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In my black thigh-high nylons, sexy black and red bra and panties and my black feather boa, I’m a picture of pale loveliness under a veil of black. My eyes are darkly lined, accentuating my penetrating glances in your direction. As I take you into my mouth, I tease you lightly with my black feathers.

Each time I take you deep down my throat, I feel that naughty girl vibe that I just cant shake. A blowjob in black is such a sensual experience. I rub my nylons up against your legs, feeling the smoothness teasing with a thin layer between our skin. My breasts spill out of my bra, exposing my sensitive nipples, which rub up against you as you thrust into my mouth.

I know you can’t hold it in much longer, and I ponder how I’m going to make you cum. At that moment, I decide to flip myself around and wrap my beautiful nylon-clad feet around your cock, stroking you towards an epic cumshot. Black feathers really do bring out my adventurous bad girl side. And I like that.

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