We are here to help.  Here are some common answers to typical questions.3d studio


1. Why 3D HOT TV Adult Entertainment?

3D Hot TV is positioned to be one of the largest adult entertainment networks on the web. 3D Hot TV  encodes real 3-D movies just like they do in Hollywood!  The current network consists of three studios, including such established Internet entities like Pegas Productions and the Art of BlowJob.  All videos are available in 3D High Definition, and navigation through the studios is made easier through the usual search options by scene or theme.

Do you have a favorite film on another website you would like to see in 3D?  Contact us and let us know!  3D Hot TV adds new studios each month to satisfy your sexual appetite from cute young women in school blazers to sleek assured take charge women.  You will find an oasis of variety from European, Latinas, Asians, black girls, and muscle men.  This is adult entertainment for everybody.

2. How are we different from other 3D Adult Entertainment websites?

3D Hot TV provides an overwhelming 3D experience by delivering Full-HD images to both eyes.  3D HOT TVs conversion technology was developed to further enhance the naturalness and realism of 3D video in motion.

Our films are so realistic because of our state of the art 2D to 3D conversion technology.  3D HOT TV owns a conversion studio which most of our competitors can’t afford.  Our competitors use 3D cameras that result in incorrect depth perception and makes movement appear unnatural.

3.  What equipment or hardware do I need to watch 3D Hot TV?

So you’ve got the 3D TV, now what?  The price of 3D components has come way down; the better news is that you might not need anything new at all.  The best way to get 3D Hot TV videos instantly is through a streaming device. The best streaming device for 3D Hot TV are the Apple TV or Google ChromeCast.  You can also use a HDMI cable connected between your computer and your 3D TV. See Compatible Devices here.   After you select your preferred 3D Hot TV Studio, the video content can be sent over the Wi-Fi airwaves from your computer, smart phone, or tablet to your 3D TV. You will also need a pair of light and inexpensive passive polarized glasses.

4. Do I need any special software to view 3D Hot TV content?

No special software is needed.

5. What if I want to view 3D Hot TV video in 2D?

You just click on your preferred Studio of choice and you will find their 2D content.

6. Can I watch 3D adult entertainment films on my smart phone, tablet, or computer?

The short answer is: no, you need to stream the film to a 3D TV to allow for high- resolution depth movement and spectrum color.  No piece of software is going to give you 3D viewing capability on your handheld devices.  Some adult entertainment sites claim you can watch 3D on these devices but they are using an old anaglyph technology that can display red and blue superimposed images on any computer. The color is used to separate the images so some of all color can be lost. The quality is terrible, and this is not what is referred to as “Avatar like” side-by-side Polarized 3D in the year 2013.

7.  What type of 3d glasses work with 3D Hot TV?

Active & Passive 3D glasses both work to stream video from 3D Hot TV.  Passive 3D glasses are cheaper than their Active equivalent.  They are more affordable because they don’t have any batteries, Bluetooth or circuitry.  So, passive 3D wins out on price, weight, size, and anti-flickering, but active 3D has improved image quality.

So what is the difference?

Active 3D glasses use battery-powered 3D glasses, which have LCD ‘shutters’ over each lens. When 3D content is being shown, the LCD glasses darken to block the lens of each eye of the 3D glasses sequentially, in sync with the 3D TV itself. Active 3D glasses are heavier and more expensive.

Passive 3D glasses use the same basic concept as active 3D — the video frames shown to each eye are offset against each other to produce a simulated 3D effect. However, passive 3D does not use any fancy technology in the glasses. Instead, each lens is polarized; the left lens is polarized oppositely to the right lens. There are 1080 lines in a Full HD TV, so 540 lines for each eye.

8. Which Internet connection is best to view 3D hot TV videos?

A fast Internet connection is recommended to allow for uninterrupted streaming of 3D adult entertainment video and partner studio galleries.   So to help figure out what speed is right for you, you should first understand that connection speeds are calibrated in megabits per second (MB or Mbps).  The other factor for measuring speed is bandwidth.

Entertainment enthusiasts will want a minimum of 6 to 10 Mbps.  However if you have 3 or more people downloading or streaming media in your home, you might want to consider 10 to 15 Mbps.   If you have a several family members or roommates who live on the Internet full time, then the 15-50 Mbps speed is for you.

9.  How can I become a subscriber to 3D Hot TV studios?

Simply go to 3dhottv.com and click Join Now to create a subscription by entering your personal login and payment information.  You will have the option to choose which 3D Studios you would like to view.  3D Hot TV has a huge collection of videos for every imaginable taste.  Once your subscription registration is complete, lean back on your couch and experience the thrill of 3D Adult Entertainment……enjoy the ride!